Top 10 Graphic Designing Job Opportunities In 2018
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Top 10 Graphic Designing Job Opportunities In 2018

Graphic designing job opportunities are immense .Want to join graphic design as a full time career .Thinking where to start, are you eligible for joining a graphic design course, do you have the required skills to pursue the training and what will be the jobs after completing the classes. These are some questions which come across every student in india who want to become a graphic designer .Working as a designer in India is very different from western countries ,there you will be required to work on a specific section of designing like vector designing or graphic designing for web , but in India many companies are looking for a all-rounder candidate .

You should be clear in the starting only where you will that your career, do you want to work in India or elsewhere .Create you strategy according to that ,being a new learner in graphic designing filed its easy be misguided as there in no single path to achieve success .

Below i am sharing with you some top career options available as a graphic designer, chose wisely in the beginning as this will the role you will be playing rest of your life.

1 . Multimedia Designer

2 . Logo Designer

3 . Art Director

4 . Brand Identity Designer

5 . Layout Artist

6 . Mobile Designer

7 . Information Architect

8 . Presentation Specialist

9 . Flash Designer

10 . Creative Service Designer